Net-Zero Fund

Net-Zero Fund

Do something amazing today - donate to climate!

Andrew (host of the GYCD podcast) is also part of the team at Carbon Critical, which has launched an initiative called the Net-Zero Fund.

The Carbon Critical Net-Zero Fund provides kiwis with an effective and fully tax-deductible way to make a diversified donation to charities leading the fight against climate change.

The charities we support cover a diverse range of geographies and strategies, including:

  • Planting trees and protecting rainforests from deforestation.
  • Accelerating clean tech research, development and deployment.
  • Guiding government policy and raising public awareness.

You can learn more about the Net-Zero Fund in my podcast episode with Carbon Critical founder, Jamie Heather:

Where to donate to help the climate crisis - with Jamie Heather from Carbon Critical
Jamie Heather is a co-founder of Carbon Critical, a New Zealand organisation on a mission to fight climate change. They provide tools and initiatives that give individuals and businesses practical options to reduce their carbon footprint and bring the world closer to a net-zero future. In our lates…

Did you know...

The average Kiwi generates 7 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

  • Some of the charities Carbon Critical support can offset 1 ton of emissions for as little as $1 USD.
  • For the price of a cup of coffee, you can offset your carbon emissions for 6 months.
  • A lifetime of emissions can be offset for about the same cost as a new smartphone.
  • Carbon Critical does not charge any fees, or make any money, from running the Net-Zero Fund. We're in it for the planet!

Donations of all sizes are welcome. Find out more and make a contribution via the Net Zero Fund website:

The Net Zero Fund - by Carbon Critical
Effective climate action. Donate to evidence-based climate change charities and achieve maximum impact. NZ donations eligible for tax rebate.