Environmental Scientist Mike Joy: We must find ways of using and wasting less energy

energy Jul 5, 2021

Our latest podcast episode is an interview with Dr Mike Joy. A climate champion and environmental scientist who is a leading voice in the race to reverse global warming.

Click here to listen.

You can also find the podcast on Apple, Spotify, or search 'Good You Can Do' in your favourite podcast app.

You'll love the way Mike so eloquently explains why we should all be passionate about the climate crisis and why we need to take urgent action.

We also discuss:

  • Why we need to beware the weapons of mass distraction
  • Concern about nitrogen fertiliser and pollution in our water
  • Letting go of our addiction to consumption

We hope you enjoy this eye-opening (and motivating) conversation.

Show notes

Follow Dr Mike Joy on Facebook:

Read his articles on 'The Conversation': https://theconversation.com/profiles/michael-mike-joy-615517/articles

NZ's hidden link to the palm oil industry:

Nate Hagens:


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