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Foraging adventures and pursuing your interests with Mike King

Foraging adventures and pursuing your interests with Mike King
Mike King - Finders Eaters Foraging

In our latest podcast episode, Mike King shares his journey transitioning from professional arborist to foraging tour guide and plant educator, with a focus on how to create space in life to be creative and follow your interests.

If you have ever felt like you needed to make a career change but didn't know where to start, Mike's journey could be just the inspiration you need.

We talk about:

  • native spices & edible plants
  • experimenting with new flavours
  • career transitions
  • taking over an abandoned horticulture project
  • where to get educated on plants
  • helping kids engage with nature
  • foraging tours, and much more!

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Links mentioned in this episode:

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Earthworkers Programme (16- 20th May)

Mike's Country Calendar Episode 13, Season 2021

Wild Trees (book on climbing Redwoods)

The Common Unity Project

Plants for a future

A field guide to native edible plants (book)

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