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Eddie Rakanui on finding more time to do what you love

Eddie Rakanui on finding more time to do what you love

I recently sat down with mindset coach Eddie Rakanui, one of the most inspiring humans I know (and a very close friend).

The chat is split into two episodes (links below). You can listen to either one or both.

Episode one covers a number of mindset topics including lockdown anxiety, how we judge strangers, chasing time affluence and more:

In episode two, we talk about how to maximise your income, build a time machine business and escape the rat race, so you can spend more time doing what good looks like for you:

You can also find this episode on Apple, Spotify, Google or search 'Good you can do' anywhere you enjoy listening to podcasts.

Follow Eddie on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/big_life_mindset/
Check out his website: https://biglifemindset.com/

Coming soon on the podcast...

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