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Where to donate to help the climate crisis - with Jamie Heather from Carbon Critical

Where to donate to help the climate crisis - with Jamie Heather from Carbon Critical
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Jamie Heather is a co-founder of Carbon Critical, a New Zealand organisation on a mission to fight climate change. They provide tools and initiatives that give individuals and businesses practical options to reduce their carbon footprint and bring the world closer to a net-zero future.

In our latest podcast episode, you'll hear Jamie talk about how Carbon Critical was born, why he feels compelled to use his time and knowledge to fight climate change and how donating to the right causes can be a highly effective way for us all to get involved.

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The Carbon Critical Net-Zero Fund provides kiwis with a convenient and tax-efficient way to make a diversified donation to the charities leading the fight against climate change.

Did you know...

The average Kiwi generates 7 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

  • Some of the charities supported by the Net-Zero Fund can avert a ton of emissions for as little as $1 USD.
  • For the price of a cup of coffee, you can offset your carbon emissions for 6 months!
  • A lifetime of emissions can be offset for about the same cost as a new smartphone.

Find out more at: https://netzerofund.co.nz/

Order your free copy of 'Doing Good Better' via Effective Altruism NZ: https://effectivealtruism.nz/doing-good-better-book-giveaway/

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