Your actions matter

There is a commonality amongst many people we know: They think that individual change makes little difference to society as a whole.

It seems like this has somehow been programmed into us from an early age. When did we become so defeatist?

Change will occur if enough of us demand it.

Or, if enough of us just act as though change has already happened.

The action of millions is simply the combined actions of many individuals.

In other words, be the change you want to see.

And you don’t have to be perfect! That’s not the point at all. Just try and make conscious decisions and know that every time you make an earth-friendly decision, you are helping the lives of countless future generations to come.

The goal of this podcast and blog is to provide you with actionable steps you can take to be part of the solution.

You'll learn how to live smart, in harmony with nature, using as few resources as possible but enriching your life with all the joy that is available to us when we stop to appreciate this beautiful little blue dot we call home.

Ready to get started?

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Meet the team

Charlotte, Andrew, Annah and Connor

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